Process TV is a weekly public access web-tv show, airing live Saturday evenings 10pm-12am PST at
Produced at DromeBox Labs in Boyle Heights, CA
March 2015 --> continuous

Gustine Fudickar and myself co-produce this ongoing project as a platform for our own work and the work of our peers to be rehearsed/performed in the unique format of rough and tumble, low-fi, Live broadcast web-tv.

Process TV is focused on performance process, utilizing, but not limited to experimental, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approaches to work.
It is a place for performance to exist, for rehearsal to be observed, for class to happen, and for experiments to fail.
This is a platform to geek out on performers being performers.


contributing artists thus far:

Gustine Fudickar
Justin Streichman
Chip Godwin
Olive Blackburn
Devika Wickremesinghe
Nick Paliokas
Hana van der Kolk
Megan Daalder
Blaine O'Neill
Zach Alterman
Alex Shilling
Leisure Van Fock
Jahcobie Cosom
Alison D'Amato
Dorothy Dubrule
Maya Gingery
Constance Strickland
Christopher Zatta