Redwoods Not Forever
with Gustine Fudickar

HomeLA, J.B. Merrill House, Mt. Washington, CA
May 3, 2015

You're W.o.W., Show Box LA, Highland Park Ebell Club, Los Angeles, CA
April 28, 2015


We are somewhere in the distant universe of space where the reflections of time, energy, and occurrences fold in on themselves into new formations. Here, reality is more malleable; there are more holes. This is a part of space that is beyond the physical confines of planetary and gravitational order. 

Dorian and Vi are humanoid creatures of a “higher order” (according to their beliefs). Their makeup and behavior is that of advanced and highly intelligent beings, but whom still contain animalistic behavior carried over from their distant evolutionary past.

Their past advancement has granted them to live such long lives that death seems all but forgotten until it rarely happens to one of their own.

They are a stark story of an advanced civilization that rose to such height, to such capability, that they arrived and plateaued into complacency rather than continue to grow. Their unconcerned self-possession drove them into acts of barbarism and mystical righteousness. Their current status of beliefs and rituals are so muddled between truth, fiction, history, real magic, and fool’s gold that they exist in a seemingly eternal mode of stasis. The way things are, is “the way.”